After all these years in the wedding photography business we believe more then ever that every newlywed couple should have a professional wedding album. Even if you never do anything other then store it in a closet, at least you will still have images to look at and enjoy years from now. To hire us for your wedding it is not required that you purchase an album.  All of our weddings are a-la-cart so you get to choose what you want.  However, a professional wedding album is strongly encouraged with all of our custom collections.  We only offer professional, high quality albums made with archival inks and papers that are created to last for generations with proper care. We want the memories of your wedding day to be seen and enjoyed by your family for years to come. 
Don’t risk losing your memories. Make a beautiful album one of your priorities. We promise you will not regret it. 

Why is this so important?

1. Because digital images are not enough.

One of the first questions people ask when looking for a wedding photographer is if they offer all the digital images from their wedding.  The answer is YES WE DO.  We know how important digital images are.   In fact, many couples plan to only purchase the digital images and aren’t interested in anything else.   But we also offer more.  We are very FOCUSED on the quality of not only the way the photograph is taken but also the way the photograph is displayed in print on the walls and in a professional wedding album. As professional photographers we offer the best quality from start to finish for your wedding photos.  We offer a full service experience. Those couples who only purchase the digital images are taking the risk of losing their wedding photos in just a few years. Or if they choose to print with a drugstore lab they risk fading and poor quality.
Many well-intentioned couples who only get the digital images never print their images at all, or only print a few for gifts or for display. Even with our own family we print and make albums as soon as we possibly can because we realize there’s a huge risk of losing the images and memories from them over time when you only have the digital files. 
With only the digital files, you are responsible for transferring the images from one type of digital media to another as technology advances every few years. Every time a file is transferred, there’s a risk of file corruption. Not only that, but if life gets crazy and you fail to transfer it to the new media, you may end up with a beautiful disc/flash drive/etc of photos that you can’t see anymore because there’s no machine around to use the disc/flash drive/etc with.

2. Having a professional design takes all the pressure off of you.

There is nothing wrong with going online and making a wedding album with a consumer book maker if you are the DIY type of person. Thats great and more power to you for taking the initiative and time.  The sad truth is that most couples are so glad the wedding day has came and gone and are ready to go on with their lives.  They just procrastinate and never get around to making an album.  However having your photographer do the design will free up your time and gives you artistic quality that is worth every penny.  Just follow the simple steps of approving the designs offered and enjoy the new beautiful album when it is delivered.    


3. Your kids and grandkids will thank you.

Imagine when your little girl is 10 years old and she pulls out the old wedding album.  She says, “Mommy you are so beautiful.”  That will be a day of true joy as you share those memories with her.  Thats priceless! 

We would love to show you some amazing albums.  All of our albums are lay-flat, flush-mount, thick photographic paper.  They are custom hand-made high quality professional wedding albums with a large variety of cover choices and colors including leather, image hard cover, lenin, canvas, wood, acrylic, and textured leather. 

If you are planning your wedding day and feel we are a good fit for your wedding photography let's set up a wedding consultation so we can show you some of our awesome albums.  

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