Katie and Nick - Engagement - Stillwater Engagement Photography

Nick and Katie meet at a mutual friend's birthday party in 2012 and Nick immediately knew that he wanted to get to know Katie. She was a student at OSU and started to notice Nick around campus. She would notice cream sodas by her tire when she was leaving and when she looked around would just happen to see Nick. Katie laughs while telling her memories of those days. He eventually won Katie's heart and they were on January 7, 2015 while visiting Nick's parents in Slovenia where they are missionaries. At the end of one of their sightseeing days, they visited a special bridge in Ljubljana called the lock bridge (love bridge). Nick and his dad had previously purchased a lock and key. As Nick's parents videoed the special occasion, Nick took the lock out of his pocket and declared his love and asked Katie to marry him. She said "yes" and together they put the lock on the bridge and threw the key in the water. The tradition is that this represents their everlasting love. They are so cute together and compliment each other's personality. We were so excited to capture some special sunset portraits for them.