The love story of Rachelle and Matt.

Matt and Rachelle met in junior high school.  Her brother played on the same baseball team as Matt and they were good friends so his family and her family did a lot together back then.  They actually didn't start dating until February of her senior year, even though his dad had been trying to get them interested in each other for forever! They were together for about 3 years, most of it long distance  because they were at different colleges. When Rachelle started nursing school and Matt transferred to another college it kind of put a strain on their relationship and they decided to part ways. After about a year they both had grown and realized they were meant for each other and have been together for the past 2 1/2 to 3 years.  Rachelle said that after being together for so long talk of marriage had come up and she knew he would probably propose soon.  However, she was completely surprised when he asked her!  It was actually very simple and Rachelle said that she wouldn't have wanted it any other way.  Although, Matt had a special proposal planned for Rachelle and had even asked Rachelle's mother for advice for a special way that he could surprise her, when he  went to pick her up he forgot about his plan and quickly got on his knee in her living room and pulled out the engagement ring and asked her to marry him before they went out for dinner on February 21 which happened to be her brother's birthday.  Rachelle was very surprised but quickly said yes. They are both super nice and kind and make an amazing couple.  They were engaged in February and will be married in September.