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Chandler and Shelby Wedding Photos // Stillwater, OK Wedding Photography at ConocoPhilips Alumni Center

Chandler and Shelby Wedding Photos // Stillwater, OK Wedding Photography

Wedding Day April 4, 2015

The Couple:

Shelby and Chandler meet in church at Bible Baptist Church in Stillwater, OK.  Chandler grew up in the church and Shelby came when she was a student at OSU.  Their personalities are opposite to some degree but their differences mesh perfectly.  Shelby graduated the same week as the wedding.  She is very sweet, kind and compassionate.  She is organized, punctual, and driven.  Chandler is extremely friendly and very laid back.  He makes you feel relaxed when you are around them.  His fun personality makes Shelby laugh.  Shelby brings out all that is good in Chandler.  

The Wedding

The April weather in Oklahoma can sneak up on you sometimes.  On Friday there were chances of rain and Sunday it turned cold but on Saturday the wedding day was perfect with sunny skies and pleasant breezes.  The church was packed with family and friends all anticipating the exchanging of vows.  When it came time to exchange the rings there was a close call as Michael dropped the ring (as a joke).  Making Chandler nervous.  They quickly recovered the ring and it was placed on Shelby’s hand.  No such silliness from Katie as she passed the ring for Shelby to place on Chandlers hand.  The commitment was made and the two candles now light the one.  Permission was given to kiss the bride as smiles and tear filled eyes witness this event.

The Receptions:

Now it was time to celebrate.  The guests all gathered in the Conference center on the OSU Campus.  Chandler and Shelby arrive with cheers from the crowd.  The kids had special tables with coloring books, Legos and other fun things to play with.  There was a delicious food buffet provided and a special candy table.  A unique photo booth that had polaroid cameras and fun props was available for guests to capture fun moments and even get a small print.  The cake was cut and all were served.   The decorations included candles and vases with flowers on each table.  Shelby threw her bouquet and soon made their exit with guests holding sparklers.  Looks like they were in a hurry.  I could hear his horn honking as they drove away.  

Getting Ready

The Details

First Look.  Dad gets to see her first and then Chandler.

The Couple

The Wedding Party

The Ceremony

The Reception

Vendor List

Ceremony: Bible Baptist Church

Pastor:  Wayne Hardy

Reception:  ConocoPhillips Alumni Center

Caterer:  Ranchers Club

Wedding Coordinator:  Planet Wedding Lisa Croft

Florist - Flourishes - Bonnie Hammod

Baker:   Cake Crazy

Hair and Makeup: LaRitz

Photographers:  Brown’s Photography