Warren & Jackie

Warren & Jackie

We were married 37 years ago in Stillwater, Oklahoma.  We love God and our family.  All three of our daughters are married and we understand what it's like to plan a wedding.    

We believe loved ones are the most important part of the wedding day.  Our approach is documentary wedding photojournalism.  We want to capture the unexpected unrehearsed moments of real life. 

We believe it is our calling to use what God has given us to help couples.  We believe marriage is a holy institution ordained by God and we feel blessed to document the beauty of this special day.

Most of our wedding photography is in Oklahoma.  We especially love Colorado and Florida weddings. We have family in Colorado and Florida so we also love to do weddings around Cape Coral or central Colorado.

We also provide portraits for families, seniors and business.


We never imagined that our photography would be featured and published in some of the most popular wedding sites in the world.  We’re published on the Knot, Weddingwire, Two Brightlights, Snapknot, to name a few.


Is wedding photography important to you?