Are you an influencer? Do you own your own business? Are you a professional?

Do you have a church ministry that needs promotion?

Your Image is Crucial!

Personal Branding Photography is so much more than just a headshot….It's the first impression of you.

What do we do?

Activate your brand power.   Capture your inside story.   Define your true essence.
Everyone has a story.  There are so many sides to every person.  People that look at you will relate to the things you have in common with them.  We just need to communicate who you are with images.  You are more than a brilliant business guru.  You have overcome adversity and undergone transformation.  You are full of bold moves and limitless dreams, but you have had your share of fear and self-doubt too. it's important to you that your website photographs reflect every facet of who you are.
In a Personal Branding session we find out what your business represents and we work together to create a vision that reflects and strengthens your message with images that can be used in editorial pieces for magazines, across all social media and print media to grow your business.
The innovations of sophisticated business owners like yourselves creating online businesses have called for high-end portraiture and imagery to reflect your quality message and to tell your story. Things have changed, no longer is a ‘selfie’ good enough to have on your website and when a magazine wants to do a story on an up and coming brand like yours they expect you to provide the ‘magazine’ quality high-end images for their editorial piece. Likewise, when a blog wants to talk about you, they are eager to publish your photos when they are beautiful and of a high standard. The better your imagery, the easier it is to stand out and to reflect your product. The Personal Branding session is a full day of production including help with wardrobe selection, advice on putting together up to 4 clothing changes so we can create timeless beautiful images with a contemporary edge that could easily grace the cover of your favorite magazine. 
Your Personal Branding STORY session can happen in a private location or in a public place.
 I can’t wait to hear what you want to create. Contact me to book a FREE consultation.

We offer subscription service and provide images year round for you to use.


We offer Facebook Page setup and management. We also do marketing and branding consulting as well.

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