Authentic, Real Wedding Moments

Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event.

Since you were a little girl you’ve dreamed about this big day.  It seems like you’ve been planning for it forever.
You’ll be surrounded by your closest friends, your loved ones... and your new in-laws ;-)

Before you know it the day will come and go.  

That's why photography is important.

Most of the images we will capture at your wedding are of the events of the day... as they unfold, and moments as they naturally occur. 

We’re not there to boss you around, telling you what to do, or getting in the way. 

We will tell your story in a thoughtful and artful way assuring your memories will last a lifetime.

My goal is to show up at your wedding as if I were an old friend with a fancy camera and I'll do my best to blend in like a fly on the wall.

Of course I'll let you know if I need your attention for a few portraits, but for the most part... I just want you to relax and enjoy your day.

Don't worry about the photos... that's our job (and we’re not worried one little bit!)