Hello Folks,

Please allow us to introduce ourselves.  I am Warren, and my wife Jackie, are the owners of Brown's Photography.  We both grew up in Stillwater and we have been married for 36 years and have 3 daughters.  Besides our passion for photography, we spend our time with our grandkids.  Our faith in God is the core of our lives.  Our five grandchildren are our pride and joy. If you come to our house you will see photos of our daughters and their families. 

We also love hiking, camping, kayaking, and all kinds of outdoor adventures. Experiencing new kinds of food and adventures together is a passion to us.  The best part is we get to do it together. We especially love Colorado and Florida weddings.  Our family has property in Colorado and Florida so we also love to do weddings around Cape Coral or central Colorado.  



We established Brown's Photography in 2009.  We continually study and learn new techniques from the best photographers in the world. We will go anywhere in the world to photograph a wedding. Traveling is part of our passion. W&J couples will take the real authentic moments over the staged to perfection. Loved ones are the most important part of their wedding day.  

Our approach is what we call documentary wedding photojournalism.  We want to capture the unexpected unrehearsed moments of real life. We believe in using what God has given us to help couples have a better marriage by remembering the love and commitment of their wedding day.


Are we a good fit for you?  Let's chat soon about your wedding! 


Humbly at your service,


Warren & Jackie Brown