A Photographer is a photographer, is a photographer...

A photographer is a photographer, is a photographer, is a photographer.   No that is not true.

Some people really believe that anyone with a camera will do the job good enough.  Some even think that they just need to buy a nice camera for their wedding and give it to someone and let them put it in automatic setting and push the button hoping and praying it all turns out good.  It won't.  I promise none of those are good ideas if you want amazing wedding photos. 

If you are a bride to be planning your wedding day and you want to be sure that you get the best photos then keep on reading this article.

Yes, there are lots of people with cameras.  

There are differences in photographers. Big differences!  Don't you think so?

Our clients think we are different and that's what matters.

There are differences in quality among photographers. 

They bought a nice camera and now they think they are a photographer.  It takes more then pushing a button to get amazing wedding photos.

We get it right in the camera...the lighting, the focus has to be right.  

Clean, sharp, colorful images that you love to look at as you remember your loved ones.

There are differences in experience.  

Most people in the photography business on the internet are new at photography.  Check their website and see how many weddings they have posted.   There has been a surge in new photography businesses over the last few years because of the changes in technology.  So a friend asked them to photograph their wedding for free or cheap and now they think they are a professional.  Maybe they have just photographed a few weddings.  It makes a difference if someone has 5 or 10 weddings under their belt.  

Hey, I'm not mad at anyone.  

I love to help new photographers.  

I want everyone to take better photos.  Everyone has to start somewhere.  Thats why when we started out we worked under other photographers first to gain experience and took formal classes in wedding photography.  It's ok to hire someone cheap or new if that is what you want to do.  Not judging at all.  Just don't expect great photos.  Don't be surprised if something goes wrong.  If you do get great photos then you are one of the lucky ones.

We have photographed over 100 weddings.  

We've seen it all, believe me.  Everything has been thrown at us.  We know what to do when the day is running behind.  We are equipped to handle every circumstance.  Our clients can tell you.  We have a large number of reviews on google, wedding wire, and the knot.   A wedding is such an important day.  If you value your wedding photos then don’t risk it to a friend with a camera or a new photographer who is cheap just to save money.

They don't realize how much back up gear they should have to safe guard the precious wedding images.  It's so sad how many have lost entire wedding day photos because of being negligent in this area. 

After the wedding, you will forget how much you paid for the photographer.  All you care about is the amazing wedding photos you have.

All photographers have developed a unique style.  

I have a long list of favorite photographers that I love to follow.  They all have unique styles and talents.

As time goes by we have developed a style that is unique to us.  We grow every day as we learn new things even though we have photographed weddings for seven years.

We love to find the beautiful natural light if possible for each situation and use it to make people look their best.

We love natural light!

We also use flash to blend with the natural light to bring out the best image possible.  We have had formal photography training in wedding photography.  We are constantly studying from the best of the industry to learn new techniques to better serve our clients.

Our style ranges from photojournalistic to artistic portraits. 

Emotions and expressions are important to us at weddings. We love epic landscapes as background for our couples.  We also love close up portraits.  

As you look at photographers, can you tell what kind of style they have?  

Does it fit what you want?

What kind of photography fits you the best?  Do you just want any photographer for your wedding day?

We all have different personalities.  Not everyone is going to click. No other vendor will be there as much as your photographers.

I promise that we don't think we are the only professional you should hire.  There are several great photographers in Oklahoma and around the USA that we love and would recommend.

We really are not that conceited to think we are the NUMBER ONE TOP wedding photographer.

We have our own unique personality and style.  
We like to have fun with our clients on their wedding day.  

We cherish our time with our couples.  

We come to a wedding like we were friends of the couple, in most cases we are. Because in the process of getting to know them we become friends at the engagement portraits and bridal portraits, and it makes it easy to be comfortable in front of our cameras.  

We wish you the best in your search for the right wedding photographer.

Tulsa Wedding Photography - Brent and Rachel Skelly Lodge Wedding

What a gorgeous fun wedding with Brent and Rachel.  The weather was perfect and everything went great.  We fell in love with this couple from the first time we meet them.  Rachel hired us to do her senior portraits a few years ago when she graduated from college.  Brent was there along with their dog.  We were more then thrilled when they contacted us to photograph their wedding in Tulsa.  These are a few of our favorite images from this big day.